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Day 169 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

September 1, 2020

Okay… I ask for grace since I have not been back soon as I promised back on July 11 of this year. I have been in a state of “Acedia”. I attach an article that explains this far better than I.

I imagine many are in a state of Acedia. What began far before March when many of us shifted our ways of living… it continues. It is life altering. I always equate life with the multifaceted ways… now more than ever that is true. So many of us are in different spaces of how this time of 2020 affects us. And yet, it AFFECTS everyone.

Tonight I met with a group I have committed to meet with every two weeks. We spoke of our individual realities, which confirm our shared realities. We all feel trapped and helpless.

In the article I attach, it states:

Acedia might be a new word to us in the 21st century, but it was well known to those living in the Middle Ages. Derived from Greek roots that mean a seizing up or freezing of feelings, the experience was apparently fairly common among Medieval monks shut away in monasteries.”

I have wanted to write and share in the past several week s and I have felt frozen. Thank goodness for the ancient Greeks that give more enlightenment. I am having difficulty. And I understand as I speak with many of my loved ones… we are each being frozen and challenged on how to be in this time.

I have a lot to say. And a lot to write. I will try to come back here more often. For those that read this… THANK YOU! My heart hurts. As I imagine your heart hurts. Our hurts are unique. They are each valid. I send love to each soul that reads this. We are better when we have each other's backs.

This night… let me honor each soul and the ways you are navigating this time…

May it be so…

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