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Day 91 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

June 15, 2020

A glimmer of hope appeared today. The Supreme Court ruled that a “landmark civil rights law protects gay, lesbian and transgender people from discrimination in employment, a resounding victory for LGBT rights from a conservative court.” -

In this month of LGBTQ Pride, this decision is cause for celebration. As with most Supreme Court cases; this has taken time.

This from the attached article below:

“The cases were brought by three workers who said they were fired from their jobs because they were gay or transgender. They argued that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which says that employers may not discriminate based on “sex,” also applies to sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Two of the three have since died. The one living plaintiff, Gerald Bostick, was fired in 2013. So this journey has been seven long years. He stated at news of the ruling that he was “elated”!

The Supreme Court and their actions have been challenging for me. I found some clarity when I attended lectures at Hastings Law School about a decade ago. The lectures were about International Law and specific to the issues in Israel and Palestine. I remember one Professor sharing the history of the fight for women’s right to vote. There were many court cases on the path to women being able to vote that some might say were defeats. He challenged that it took all those cases that were ruled against women voting; to get to the ruling giving women the right to vote. Each case was not a defeat… it was a step toward justice and in this case, eventually, women’s right to vote.

So this day, the Supreme Court ruling gave me hope. It gave me hope that whomever is in the office of President of the United States; the Supreme Court is willing to debate and vote on cases. And the hope that bipartisan action is possible. That there is an understanding of humanity; and the Supreme court majority voted for humanity this day.

There is still work to be done with this issue; and yes, Congress needs to address this issue. For today, there is hope.

Maybe the uncertainty of the past several months will eventually bring certainty?

I talked with my Goddaughter this night and as we reflected upon the day’s events; and the continued need for more, my Goddaughter shared this wonderful story. She said she never forgot her Pinole Valley High School teacher, Mr. Quilan.

He likened the Supreme Court is like the film production company.

- The Supreme Court gets to tell the director what they would like to see in film

- The Congress and Senate are like the directors of the film.

- And finally, the local Representatives are the actors of the film.

So perhaps today was the production company telling the directors what they would like to see? I hope so.

“Bostock (the only living plaintiff) said that if he got the chance to speak with himself seven years ago, knowing what he knows today, he would tell the younger version of himself that “it’s going to be OK.”

My mother might say, “Good things come to those who wait.”

There are many waiting. Couples waiting to marry. People waiting for equality. Loved ones of those deceased; awaiting justice. A nation awaiting peace.

Our country has been waiting far too long. Time to produce and direct and act the film we long for…

May it be so…

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