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Day 88 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

June 12, 2020

Today is Loving Day! On this day in 1967, the United States Supreme Court made their ruling on the case of Loving v. Virginia. They struck down all remaining state laws that banned interracial marriage; and termed such laws unconstitutional.

In 1994, it was not an issue that I, as a white woman, was marrying a Chinese-American man. Had it not been for this ruling; I would not have been able to legally marry my husband.

Soon after we were married, we were invited to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for friends. Their children hosted the wedding reception the couple never had. Fred and Kathryn were married in 1946. She was white and he was Japanese-American. They could not get married in either of their home states of South Carolina or California; because the law prevented their interracial marriage at that time. Michigan did not have such a law; so that is where they were married. Fred’s family was not able to make the trip from California; and just Kathryn’s Mother was able to come from South Carolina. They did not have a large wedding, nor a reception.

During the grand reception 50 years later, many stories of relationship were shared. As a couple, they faced and stood up to other injustices throughout their marriage. However, it all started with their act of dating, falling in love, and marriage. They went against societal norms of the time, and against laws in their own home states, and they claimed their love.

I always thought of them as my heroes from then on. They paved the way for those of us in the future, to not have to worry about marrying who we loved.

Today I honor those on my life journey, like Fred and Kathryn. And I honor

Richard and Mildred Loving, who had to leave their home and family of Virginia to live legally in Washington, D.C. And had to go through almost 10 years of legal proceedings; being at the center of attention and scrutiny, to help make the case for interracial marriage. All four souls, within these couples, are no longer with us on this earth. So this day I lift up my heart and prayers to thank them for the legacy they left for us.

My prayer this night is for all those who have entered into marriage.

May you continue to be blessed as you;

have and hold,

for better, for worse,

for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

as you love and cherish,

until parted by death.

Blessings for these solemn vows.

May it be so...

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