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Day 69 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

May 24, 2020

Today is/was National Scavenger Hunt Day. As one who likes to celebrate… I love finding these treasures of hidden holidays. And timely; as the church that has adopted me held a Scavenger Hunt this week.

In a time when there is debate about opening up churches; I can attest that the “church”, as I know it, is not defined by a building. This church that claimed me delivers a Saturday care package each week. They offer multiple ways to connect and to serve… be it through Zoom Bible Study or a variety of ways to continue the Friday Night Dinner for those in need.

Last week in my Saturday care package, I received instructions for a Scavenger Hunt! The directions were clear… DO NOT OPEN before reading all the explanation and instructions. We were given 15 minutes from the time we opened the paper to find as many items as we could. After we gathered the items, here were the instructions:

  1. please take a picture of them

  2. email to the Scavenger Hunt Queen of College Avenue Presbyterian Church (my term… not the churches… but I love her for doing this)

  3. note the number of people in my household who participated… (Just me)

  4. and if we finish before the 15 minute time limit is up, include the time in the email.

Here was the list and what I found:

  • 3 items that are blue (More than 3!!! Two blue chairs, a side table and a cervical pillow)

  • Something smaller than a penny (a dime)

  • Chocolate (3 pack of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate bars behind the coffee mug)

  • Something that floats (My son’s pool flamingo)

  • A souvenir from outside California (A Paris Refrigerator Magnet)

  • Something that makes a noise ( My Ukulele)

  • An item you are grateful for (My family — Family photo)

  • Something sticky (Scotch Tape)

  • A coffee mug with words on it (My Bad Mama Mug with a picture of a Donkey under the Bad; and a Bear under the Mama… figure it out!)

  • Something you can measure with (My trusty steel measuring tape)

  • An item that has 2 “t’s” in its name (My kitten — Ella Fitzgerald)

  • A card (any kind) - (Greeting card and deck of Soul Cards)

  • A pair of something (two packs of crayons)

  • Loose change totaling 36 cents (Yup.. quarter, dime, penny)

  • 2 items with names that rhyme - (This almost stumped me… ended up with two Cook Books but then decided that did not count so have “Boot” and a “Mute” button on the remote control.)

This activity gave me a much needed distraction and much joy this week! And made me think of various scavenger hunts I’ve enjoyed in my life; including the one my husband to be, planned for our engagement.

A scavenger hunt sends us off to find random items… just for fun!

I learned “an American gossip columnists, author and songwriter and professional hostess Elsa Maxwell is credited with the introduction of the scavenger hunt for use as a party game in the modern era.” Elsa died in 1963 at the age of 80. I have a feeling Elsa was a fun gal who enjoyed celebrating!

I learned the woman who created our church scavenger hunt has been doing this weekly for her young family members since shelter in place has become a reality. So this night, I offer a photo of a scavenger hunt challenge as my prayer … for the young; and the young at heart… to find some random items… just for fun!

May it be so!

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