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Day 65 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

May 20, 2020

Today I continued my path toward procrastination… I should list this skill on my LinkedIn profile. There are many “to do” items on my list, even though we are in the middle of a difficult new reality of living. Somehow, I can get distracted being indoors… and unable to focus. The past few days the neighbor’s Loquat tree has been calling to me. The large leaves and bursting orange fruit makes me smile. The owner gave me permission to pick some of the fruit… so today, I left my indoors, and went outside to pick Loquats. I returned to the safety of my home to make Loquat Date Cardamom Jam.

The fruit is tiny and takes time to cut each little gem open and take out the 1-3 large seeds. Lots of tender loving time to ponder all kinds of important and frivolous feelings and thoughts. The process continues with the squeezing of the fresh lemon juice from a freshly picked lemon. Then the boiling of the fruit and the lemon juice and dates and a little sugar and cardamom. More steps to sterilize jars in a large pot of boiling water… working for the perfect timing of jam boiled to perfection and jars sterilized and ready to fill. And the final step of filled jars back into the boiling water to seal the creation.

A friend called at sunset, as is becoming a habit of when we both are feeling low about the day being done and not feeling accomplished. However, when I shared my jam making… he exclaimed how productive my day had been. The lure of the Loquats made my day not one of procrastination, but one of production. Sweet, sweet production.

The reward was finding this poem that blesses my day…

ode to a loquat tree by BabaCool Tombai



Drifting away on a thought

I can hear her rustling leaves

Calling me to squat

And lie below her swaying limbs

Oh, and so the longing begins

The memory of her flavor

Like a whisper

On the tip of my tongue

I've missed her

Long leaves and budding grace

Loved of Li-bai

But, aye, largely unsung

To tinker with her soft twigs

Twist-plucking bunches

From reachable rungs

I'd hunger for their wonder

But some so yellow and young

There's no need for haste

Leave time enough to ripen

Before fingers feeling

Peeling fuzzy skin

Unleash the taste

Of tart sweetness within

To which there is nothing to liken

How do describe it

I know not

The delicious allure

Of a dangling loquat

To wander outside and plant my ass

Alongside the other plants in the grass


Watching clouds as they pass

No worries

No reasons

Ah, but alas

The mind-wandered dream I've conjured

Separated by a pane of glass

And another three seasons

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