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Day 59 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

May 14, 2020

Celebration of Graduation has taken on new form in this age of Pandemic. In my small town, the two high schools are providing Congratulations Yard Signs for Class of 2020 Seniors. In recent days I have heard horns honking as the new form of celebrating… drive by parades of loved ones… takes shape.

Today I attended a Zoom Webinar Graduation Ceremony for several beloved friends. I was a combination of pre-recorded pieces and live pieces, and I was quite moved. Especially the song that repeated with wishes for each graduate. One by one the names of the graduates were sung in the repeated verse. In a pixel by pixel moment, I felt the Spirit moving and the gathering felt sacred.

Much of what I strive to do is find ways to celebrate the milestones in the human experience. I have learned there are many ways Spirit appears, even when it seems impossible. Today, my belief was reaffirmed. I will be sharing more about this season of Graduations in the coming weeks. For now, this night, I offer the poem in the image as prayer. For all those graduating in this time of isolation. May you feel your love circle surrounding you… on earth and beyond.

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