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Day 47 -- Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

I’m moving these daily COVID19 offerings to my Blog! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Yes… I’m the old dog! And I had to get a trainer… thankfully a childhood friend’s son is smart as a whip at this kind of stuff! Shoutout of gratitude to Brian Wagner!

I will still post daily on my Celebrant Facebook Page, however, having the entries on my Blog opens up my sharing to those not on Facebook! Please feel free to share if you believe someone else may find meaning in these offerings. All previous entries have been placed on my Blog at

Today I celebrated seeing my first couple sprouts of seeds I’ve planted in my garden! Ruby and Rainbow Swiss Chard are peeking out… and Arugula is jumping out with jazz hands waving. The Tomato, Pepper and Squash plants I planted are standing at attention and reaching for the sky. My Japanese Cucumber looks a bit sad so I gave it some ground eggshells for a treat. I added Basil and Oregano plants today. My friend who shared that planting sees is planting hope was right on target. Along with the hope is the purpose to get outside each day and tend to the garden.

I’ve been savoring Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening”. Each day is an offering. Yesterday was about Burying and Planting. As one who embraces the cycles of life, this opening passage spoke to me:

“There is very little difference between burying and planting. For often, we need to put dead things to rest, so that new life can grow. And further, the thing put to rest — whether it be a loved one, a dream, or a false way of seeing — becomes the fertilizer for the life about to form.”

During this time of sheltering in place, there are ways of living, that by choice or by circumstance, I have put to rest. I am depending more and more upon what I have and will continue to do so with what I grow. No longer do I have many prepared or processed foods. I have a farm box and farmer’s market treasures delivered, until my garden comes in. I am learning about relying on whole foods, and plant based foods, and the joy of creating a rainbow of food on my plate. I mainly drink water these days… at times flavored with fresh lemons from the back yard. As the food tastes purer, so does my body, mind, heart and soul.

There are many concerns and angst about the pandemic and the suffering of so many. And in the midst of that, I am finding new life and new ways of being and living that feel like a gift. They ways of living at this time may be new… the juxtapositions that life hold remain… all this is a variation of a theme. That there is light in the darkness; and the darkness informs the light.

I wonder what is being buried and what is being planted for those reading this? I wish blessings for all the ways each human is making meaning and finding courage and strength at this time.

May it be so…

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