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Day 40 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

Yowsah… it’s 40 days already… that’s kind of biblical. However, after 40 days, bible stories have one coming out of the wilderness. There seems to be no end in sight for the pandemic, and no end in sight for staying home. Today I took an Astrology class, as part of my continued education. I’ve always been fascinated by horoscopes. In my Tree of Life Training, along with learning about Kaballah and Spiritual Psychology, I am also learning more about Astrology and more beyond my Sun sign. Rising sign, Moon sign, the 12 houses, North and South nodes and the power of the Planets. As I ponder how time moves in this time of the virus and sheltering in place, I found it fascinating to talk about the planets and their influence upon me, based on where they are in their rotation around the sun. Here are the Orbit times that were shared today: Mercury - 2 months 12 days Venus - 7 months 6 days Earth - 1 year Mars - 1.9 years Jupiter - 11.9 years Saturn - 29.5 years Uranus - 84 years Neptune - 164.8 years Pluto - approx. 248 years

Thinking about these rotations in terms of my life, and realizing how short my time on earth is when I open myself to pondering the planets and the universe. After my class, I pondered more about time through interactions of my day:

  • Church angels dropped off my now anticipated Saturday before Sunday Zoom Church love package - I have yet to meet these angels in person.

  • Weekly prayer/self-care for clergy Zoom meeting - some I met for the first time today.

  • Received a beautifully decorated package in the mail from a new friend, with a recipe and treasures to make plant based cacao treats- I met her in January of this year

  • Had a FaceTime reunion with two long lost dear friends - we met over 30 years ago and it has been 25 years since last we met.

  • Continued correspondence with a friend’s son whom I’m seeking help. His mother and I met over 43 years ago.

  • And as I worked with my Astrological Chart and viewed my birthdate, wrapped my head around my 57 years.

All of these interactions reminded me … Time is relative. Each of these interactions were unique and added so much meaning today… no matter how long the relationship prompting them. I give thanks for my life and time… I offer this poem by Tirupathi Chandrupatla this night…

Time Knows Time Time flows Like the perennial river Time rides the crest Of a wave in the sea Time's space Its fourth dimension Time's elastic Keeps on bouncing Time's a sponge Absorbs all spills Time sleeps Time wakes up Time walks Time runs Time races Time stands still Time flies fast Time has past Time has future Time never stays in the present Time creeps Time ticks Time tricks Sometimes good Sometimes bad Time's night Time's day Time's dark Time's bright Time's heavy Time's light Time's easy Time's hard Time blinks like eye Time beats like heart Time makes Yoktosecond large Time turns Exasecond too small Time lets one fall Time makes one rise Time's magic Time brings one to life From nowhere Time makes one vanish In an instant Time's all That we know Time's everything else That we don't. - by Tirupathi Chandrupatla

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