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Day 29 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

I received a fabulous message today! I had a request from family to help! I am an Enneagram 2, so I love being asked to help! Just like most all children at this time, my precious Grand Niece is at home for school. I am being asked to help her with reading via FaceTime. I got all excited! More details are to come and we are to set up a time for Monday through Friday. Of course, as soon as I was off the telephone, I started looking at my bookshelves to see what I have that would be good for a 9-year-old. Then I contacted several of my friends that are educators or work with kids. I didn’t hear back from them so… I started going through some of the books, and looked up ideas. Then I realized, I’m not sure if she already has the books and we are reading those; or if I am reading to her. I started laughing at myself at my excitement. So I told myself to “hold my horses” and just wait to see what the need is; and savor the delight in this opportunity. I love this family of five so much and am aching to see them. Along with my Grand niece is a fresh Grand nephew who just turned 7 months; and a teen Grand nephew.

Another intergenerational family of friends is celebrating their newest addition who was born this week. Today this sweet, fresh baby’s uncle went to see her for the first time… through the front window. Even through the window, the photos shared the bursting joy on both sides. Another friend talked about the disappointment of the Class of 2020 students who are missing graduation and senior year activities. His son is one of those. He shared, “They’ll survive. They were born at 9/11, so they have bookends on their childhood. Kind of wild, to have this happen, just when they were fixin’ to launch.” I think of my own daughter who was to celebrate graduation in June and receive her B.A. In our last discussion about the reality there will most likely not be a ceremony, she held the balance of … it’s not that big of a deal, along with… well, it really is. It a symbol of achieving a goal and being able to complete something that at many times was trying and difficult and did not seem it would happen. I wonder what will come of this time for the children. For all of us… but today I focus on the children. Newborns to teens to college age. Life and school and social interactions have changed overnight. I’m thinking of the literal seeds I planted yesterday. One of my friends commented today that “planting seeds is planting hope.” I look forward to working with my Grand niece and pray our time together provides many seeds within, as she continues to grow. And I pray others have the opportunity; whether it be with family or others in the community, to shore up our children at this time. My concern tonight is for the children…the world’s children.

May seeds continue to be planted within them. May we support them to face fears, explore curiosity, feel safe, feel loved, feel feelings, build and strengthen self-esteem. May negatives be turned to positives. May they be safe from harm, be it becoming sick, or being in harmful or unsafe situations. May they find ways that the extraordinary is actually ordinary, and the ordinary; extraordinary. May they be supported to be their best selves, and find ways to celebrate their accomplishments within. May whatever soil they have, May they blossom and grow, because or despite it. May they blossom and grow, and follow their calling.

I end this night with this quote as benediction to my prayers: “Lord make us mindful of the little things that grow and blossom in these days to make the world beautiful for us.” W.E.B. Du Bois


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