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Day 21 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

In the midst of all this craziness, I know of three sweet babies born into it in the past couple days. No matter what… babies are born. And oh what a gift they provide… a reminder of innocence and new beginnings. Of the love and desire to create a fresh being; with all the possibilities and wonder the world has to give. I pray for these babies and their families. As the USA registered over 10,000 deaths today, due to COVID-19; birth is a welcome reminder. And the reminder that from the day we are born, we do not know the number of our days on this earth. May these fresh ones have many blessed days. I offer a poem, I sent with a hand knitted fluffy pink hat to one of these newest citizens. The photo is of my own miracles when they were twin babies 21 some years ago. Blessings and peace this night!

As A Child Enters The World
As I enter m new family, May they be delighted At how their kindness Comes into blossom. Unknown to me and them, May I be exactly the one To restore in their forlorn places New vitality and promise. May the hearts of others Hear again the music In the lost echoes Of their neglected wonder. If my destiny is sheltered, May the grace of this privilege Reach and bless the other infants Who are destined for torn places. If my destiny is bleak, May I find in myself A secret Stillness And tranquillity Beneath the turmoil. May my eyes never lose sight Of why I have come here, That I never be claimed By the falsity of fear Or eat the bread of bitterness. In everything I do, think, Feel, and say, May I allow the light Of the world I am leaving To shine through and carry me home. — by John O’Donohue
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