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Day 2 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

Gratitude 1) I have learned more about herchurch Community through a lovely friend, and today was invited to a live offering of hymn singing, with Katie Ketchum. My heart was filled! Even though a virtual gathering, I felt the spirit move and felt like part of a community. 2) Gathering with my Chaplaincy Institute community via Zoom with a time to be together and share at this unprecedented time. Again, even tough a virtual gathering, I felt the spirit move and … you know… 3) Contact with loved ones around the world… Costa Rica and Germany and my beloved daughter and son who are sheltered in their college communities.

Concern I did not watch the news yesterday and today I did. I do feel like we are in the quiet before the storm, and my heart is worried. Close to home, my dear Senior neighbor/tenant had to go to the hospital; not for a virus but for other health concerns and I am scared for her. She is like a Mother to me and I fear being in the hospital puts her a more risk for COVID-19. I hear this concern from many who are older or have older loved ones.

Prayer The photos with this post inspire my prayer for all… just as I stumbled into a virtual sanctuary today with Herchurch, I pray all find places for sanctuary, serenity, peace and spirituality at this time of unknown. I’ve posted the page and the cover of the book to reference the source. Thankful for a large library at this time! May we all find solace in this wilderness time; perhaps in places we could not have imagined before. May it be so!


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