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Day 15 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

I’m so grateful for connections at this time… and in new ways. Today I received a card in the mail… not email… the kind of mail that involves a card and an envelope that gets addressed, and stamped and sent on its way. A dear friend I have not had the chance to see in some time, took time and sent a card just to brighten my day and see how I am “hanging in there”. Another friend called on the telephone to talk… not text. Other friends went to the Farmer’s Market and stopped by to drop off a luscious basket of strawberries; along with veggies that may be the topic of an upcoming day’s sharing. Other friends left seeds on their porch and I was able to go and take some of theirs and leave some of mine so we can spread the love as we all start gardens. The grand finale was a Zoom meeting with a group of friends, several who were using Zoom for the first time. One friend had the Golden Gate Bridge as her background, and it appeared her hair was blowing in the wind and that took up about 10 minutes of back and forth about how that could be. Others couldn’t figure out how to see all 7 of us and with all the mics on, everyone was giving every directions to the gallery view. The laughter was priceless! The conversations and messages were priceless! The love was priceless! In the midst of the daily horror of the pandemic, these priceless gifts have become invaluable and I am so grateful. So balancing the gratitude is my growing concern for our world and effects of this pandemic. Tonight I learned of someone who was just laid off… tonight… the 31st of the month. They have severe medical conditions including diabetes. Their health insurance ends TONIGHT. Their partner was laid off a couple weeks ago. They cannot afford the COBRA coverage to continue their health insurance. They do not know how they will get the next dose of insulin. And hearing this made my heart break about the cold reality… that this is going to happen to many; and already has. I did not turn on the news today after learning Chris Cuomo, the CNN host, has tested positive. Daily, the onslaught increases of the newly diagnosed or newly dead fellow human beings… famous, or every day people. No one can escape this virus. How to pray? I pray daily for a growing list of people, places, situations. Tonight I share this prayer… it was shared recently (I believe to a group of public officials in Minnesota) by Rev. David Colby of Central Presbyterian Church. Holy and gracious God, we appreciate a moment to collect our thoughts and gird up our faith and seek peace. In an anxious time, we ask for a full measure of wisdom. With frayed nerves and busy days, may we be gentle with one another. Keep our hearts pure and our motives guided by what is best for the common good. Help us to ask the questions that are right for this day, be effective with our time and energy, and focused on what matters. We pray not only for ourselves but for all. We pray for those who are sick, may healing abound. May those who are isolated encounter compassion and new forms of community. May love be shared. And may we all be brave and generous. Amen.


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