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Day 116 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

July 10, 2020

Cocktails: I’m thinking about cocktails tonight. I just read the news California has reinstated the ban for outdoor dining. I am not surprised. Since the Shelter in Place guidelines have been decreased, confirmed cases of Coronavirus and deaths have increased. I have to admit, I have been torn between wanting to support restaurants I love; while having discomfort about dining out. I read several articles today that have me worried about the lack of information about this virus.

I am sad at the continued restrictions, and the continued unknown. I really miss going out and having a special crafted cocktail before dinner. As a weak substitution, during the Shelter in Place, a friend invited me to his Facebook “Cocktail of the Day” club. I have watched amazing creations; and some days have tried to create one of my own. The rules are you make a cocktail, and post of photo with the ingredients and portions. Watching some of these people’s posts, and seeing their bar setup has made it clear; I am an amateur at the home cocktail game.

I started building some options for future cocktails tonight. In the essence of creativity, I decided to make something with the ginger root I received in my farm box today. So I have two mason jars filled with vodka: one to be infused with ginger; the other with ginger and cardamom pods. I’ll have to be patient while I wait to drain the contents from my vodka; and prepare for creative home cocktails.

I know… having a cocktail seems trivial. My dashed hopes of getting to go out to have a cocktail is trivial. And it is certainly not a big priority in the big picture of what is going on in our country. To me it is a symbol.

It reminds me that things are not the same and will not be. I have to rethink cocktails; just like I have to rethink so much, like:

what is this country?

what is security?

what is health and wellbeing?

what is safety?

what is community?

This country has a long way to go to being the America that is the myth. The melting pot. We are in the caldron of discomfort moving toward that.. if we can just stand the heat.

Today I read that 1 in 3 people could not make their mortgage or rent payment this month. Housing costs have challenged us for years and the idea of “affordable housing” has become a joke. The city I live in advertised a new development with “affordable” units starting at $1 million. Minimum wage is around $15 an hour at the most. There is little security for many, for the basic needs of food and shelter.

We have a long way to go to have health and wellbeing for the whole. I spoke with a friend last week who is terrified; as our current administration wishes to allow preexisting conditions that could prevent my friend obtaining healthcare coverage. Sadly by seeing the tragic results of poor healthcare options during this pandemic, we are past the crossroad to move toward better options.

We have a long way to understand safety. The illumination of our police system shows ways it is not working; and is harmful and can be deadly. There is discomfort, AND discussions are more prevalent about what it means to have safety.

In the midst of COVID-19, community is being rediscovered. We have a long way to get to whole community… the beloved community that was a dream. There is more awareness and hopefully movement toward the type of community that embraces each other, and the other.

Amazing what thoughts of cocktails can evoke. We have a long way to go for so much. But there has been so much time of infusion and it is way past time to drain the contents and find the new creation.

Just like I’m trying to figure out how to make a craft cocktail; I’m understanding in the big picture, I am compelled to use my creativity to work on action to move this country forward.

My prayer this night is:

for the infusion of our country

for security

for health and wellbeing

for safety

for community

for all humans to work on action; and make the myth of the American dream, a reality.

Cheers. Amen.

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