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Day 110 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

July 4, 2020

Tonight is the Lunar Eclipse, and the Fourth of July. My friend took this amazing photo of the moon this night

Here is a link bout the lunar eclipse:

I have been awaiting the natural beauty of the moon all day. I sat out on my deck this night watching the moon rise unfold.

Before the long hoped for peace and natural beauty; I was hit head on with Fireworks. All official public fireworks displays were cancelled . From the amount of homegrown fireworks; it seems there was a good discount deal. I have hear the fireworks and explosions for the past few weeks each night; warming up for this night. Tonight the crack, pop, boom started at 6pm, and it had been a steady stream of sounds and some sights

In the midst of the chaos and explosions; it was a nice night out on the deck. Cocktails, dinner, a scared dog, and the moon glow. In the midst of the startling noise, there was a peaceful beauty, still to be had. The sky was crystal clear and just waiting to show off something. Instead of the usual professional fireworks, we got the moon. God bless the moon. And what a beautiful reminder of all life’s juxtapositions.

Grateful for the beauty and light; in the midst of chaos.

May it be so….

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