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Day 43 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

The Farmer’s Almanac reminded me to go look for Venus the last two days, with its article “Venus At Brightest In Years In Late April”. Evidently this event was called Venus’ “greatest illuminated extent”. Tonight I did so… I waited and waited and waited. The article said I could see her with my naked eye, but binoculars would enhance the viewing. So I pulled a chair out on my front porch, and dusted off an old pair of binoculars that had not seen any action since birdwatching in Costa Rica in 1995. I thought I read I could see her during the daylight; but as I waited, I read a couple more articles, and realized I needed to wait for sunset. Sunset came and went and still nothing. Then I read that the best viewing time would be 8:10pm in my time zone. I read that at 7:52pm. So I waited more… and soon I saw it! I’m not sure why I got so excited? Perhaps because I just took an Astrology class where we got very intimate with the solar system. Or perhaps, because there is something powerful about seeing something so much bigger than human life. But I saw it! I got so excited I texted loved ones. In my isolation, I wanted to share this bigger than earthly life moment. I wanted to be connected. The most “excellent” viewing was shown to last until a bit after 10:00pm. So I kept returning to the chair on the porch. Venus moved. The Moon became clearer. Other stars appeared. And then Venus faded away. The clouds took over. I found I was connected; but not to other people… I felt connect to the cosmos. I needed this night and this peaceful connection to that which is all mysterious. Today, more news left me flabbergasted. One story… a Beauty Salon Owner sharing her distress at not being able to receive the help promised for small business owners; and the insult of hearing large companies that are publicly traded… that those businesses received funds. Another story… “President Donald Trump has ordered meat processing plants to stay open to protect the nation's food supply amid the coronavirus pandemic.” Even though over 3,300 workers in those plants have been diagnosed with the virus, and over 20 have died. And the final frustrating story… The Vice President of the United States and head of the Coronavirus Task Force visited the Mayo Clinic… one of the finest hospitals. Vice President Mike Pence refused to wear the required mask for health care workers and all of us at this time. I found this poem tonight and I’ve read it over and over. It seems the poet is quite young, however his words hold wisdom beyond his years. I am reading this a few more times before I sleep. Perhaps others will find some nuggets within this poem.

In Venus' Starlight by Derrek Faraday - Oct 2018 -

In Venus' starlight I see my own dear fright I see your reflection Seeping into the night In Venus' starlight Hush, the moon opens its ear The stars are shy, yet they shine They'd rather you don't come near In Venus' starlight We're breathing all just the same The stars align their scars And call you by your last name Bigots, believers, bovinity Strike asunder your centrality Denouncers, dreamers, gazerby There's so much more than a wispy sky The starmen await your ears In Venus' starlight Look away to lunar dreams Mineral profit in rocks An efficient plague, it seems In Venus' starlight Forget about notions of greed Explore on behalf of your race If escape is of no need In Venus' starlight The sand takes a dramatic pose The trees, deceitful, the cattle are poisoned The spaceboys are speaking in prose What you don't believe, is always out there Until you have felt its absence like air You've not seen it all, you won't see it then It’s all you've got, so look, fool, look! You’ve read it in a book
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