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Day 42 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

Warning: This entry includes topic of death by Suicide. News came today with this headline, “SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA EXTENDS SHELTER-IN-PLACE ORDER THROUGH END OF MAY” Another headline read: “DR. DEBORAH BIRX SAYS SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST CONTINUE THROUGH SUMMER MONTHS” I expected this extension of sheltering in place. I am human though, as we all are; and this pause and isolation is taking a toll. I spoke with a couple friends today about depression, that grows as the days continue. And then I read this New York Times headline, “TOP E.R. DOCTOR WHO TREATED VIRUS PATIENTS DIES BY SUICIDE” Dr. Lorna M. Breen, Medical Director and Doctor in Emergency Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital died by suicide. The full article is attached to this post. This passage sticks with me: “Dr. Breen’s father, Dr. Philip C. Breen, said she had described devastating scenes of the toll the coronavirus took on patients. “She tried to do her job, and it killed her,” he said. Dr. Breen, 49, did not have a history of mental illness, her father said. But he said that when he last spoke with her, she seemed detached, and he could tell something was wrong. She had described to him an onslaught of patients who were dying before they could even be taken out of ambulances. “She was truly in the trenches of the front line,” he said. He added: “Make sure she’s praised as a hero, because she was. She’s a casualty just as much as anyone else who has died.”’ The local ABC news interviewed UCSF Dr. Debbie Madhok, who was a friend and colleague with the deceased Dr. Breen. Throughout the interview, Dr. Madhok kept stating… “We didn’t sign up for this!” In listening, I heard Dr. Madhok lamenting that people will not talk about this death… because of the reality of the impact of the virus and situation frontline workers are placed. She continued sharing she knew one nurse and two doctors now who have died and said “For these people to die in anonymity would be a sin.” And then she continued, “With all these people demanding the lockdown end; What about us? We did not sign up for this!” I expected this news of extending the sheltering in place. And understand. And for those that did not sign up to be on the frontlines, I can stay home. I lift up prayers for Dr. Breen; that she is at peace, however she was able to find it. I pray for those she touched personally and professionally, and the void that her departure from this earth leaves. I pray for our leaders. I pray for wisdom and perseverance for all, to stay at home, and be patient; as distancing and sheltering is something we can do; until there is understanding, testing, treatment and vaccines. And something to slow the carnage, that breaks down the biggest heroes, and leaves us all with a void that cannot be replaced. Hear our prayers… may it be so… As noted in the article: [If you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) or go to for a list of additional resources. Here’s what you can do when a loved one is severely depressed.]


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