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Day 13 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

“We Are Each Others Angels” is a treasured song by Chuck Brodsky, that I first heard in 1997. I was called to serve as a small group leader at Montreat Youth Conference in North Carolina. It was there I met David LaMotte, who sang Chuck’s song. It was a low point in my life, as my husband and I had been longing for a child and continued to have miscarriages. A fellow colleague was a planner for this youth conference, and begged me as they needed more leaders. Saying yes to those two weeks was a gift I did not know I was going to get. In each of the week long sessions, I was entrusted to lead a small group of high school students in discussion and processing of the conference experience and speakers messages. My heart was breaking and longing for a child; and all of a sudden, I was shaken back into the global experience. My first week group had young people that had each experienced some profound losses or grief, that some may believe was before the time they should experience the pain of the world. Our group became a deep safe place of sharing. As a leader, I was there to guide and give to them as they processed their experiences and perhaps where they were being called going forward. The final night our small group met and shared affirmations and prayer requests. At the end I was asked if I had a prayer request. I was so moved and said simply I asked for prayers that I might one day get to be a mother to just one child who had as many great traits as each of the young people in that group. The prayers were heartfelt all around. Back home that Fall, when we made our last attempt to build a family through IVF, we became pregnant and ended up with not one; but two amazing gifts from God. I believe those angel prayers in the mountains of Montreat added extra blessings to what was to be. Today I saw David had a live streaming concert on FaceBook Live and loved hearing his voice and soothing songs and stories. I have just about every one of his CD’s and I have found comfort in his music since the first night I heard him sing at the Grey Eagle in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Once our babies were born, I often played David's music as lullabies for the twins. His music and spirit always warms my heart. In this time of COVID-19, and more and more announcements of deaths and people infected; including news today of a cousin who tested positive, I give thanks for the music and memories today. Of another time when I questioned where God was at in all that was happening. And somehow, some unexpected angels were placed on my journey that helped me find my way back to the Divine. Today in my current situation I had three people reach out to me to see if I was okay and if I needed anything. One I reached out to, it turned out was in need of something I could give them. My cousin shared the news, which none of us want to hear right now... that her sister tested positive for the virus. Truly in this time, we are each other’s angels here on earth… trying to fill each other’s cup. Oh, and one of my two mangificent miracle children called tonight… and oh my, how that filled my cup along with all the other love throughout the day. My prayer again this night is in a song. I put a link of Chuck Brodsky’s video version of his song, “We Are Each Other’s Angels”.

I also include a Crowdcast link of the David LaMotte concert recorded today, March 29, 2020. And his final song is… you guessed it…


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