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Day 11 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

I am so grateful for my young adult children; along with gratitude for so many many family and friends… all who have Chinese ancestry. At my wedding to my children’s father, we integrated both of our traditions that included gems of Chinese culture and traditions. At his memorial service; again, we honored and celebrated all facets of this great man’s life. All the ways he was shaped and formed by the Chinese culture and traditions and values; being raised in San Francisco Chinatown I value creating celebrations that honor all the facets of our human existence. I value my family and all facets of who we are. I value the Global community that offers so much to one another. I think the USA is supposed to embody valuing all our backgrounds and traditions. So it concerns me greatly the hate and racism that always lies in wait now surfacing. Today I read this my neighborhood group:

“My elderly parents go out on walks daily and sometimes they take my 5 year old. They stay 6 feet away and abide by all rules. Yet they still get harassed by random people walking/driving by because one of them is Chinese. ie they were waiting at the light to cross the street (with my kid) and someone drove by them today and screamed “F China”. What the heck is this world coming to? Now I have to not only be afraid for my parents but for my kids safety too? Unbelievable. A lot of ugliness out there. And if you have something ugly to comment, please keep to yourself.”

I’ve heard variations of this story from loved ones I know. Several have posted on Social Media photos, standing in solidarity with others who have experienced racist rants and blame for the virus… and holding signs with #RacismISAVirus and #WashTheHate A journalist who my daughter met freshman year at Northwestern University had this article published March 25, 2020. I offer it as a voice that can speak about this issue better than I.

Catherine Kim’s article ends with this quote:

“We should not be attacking one another and making life more difficult for our fellow Americans during this extremely difficult time. This crisis gives us an opportunity to be our better selves. We should meet the challenge.”

This is my prayer tonight

May we find kindness and compassion instead of fear and false blame May we love our Global neighbor as ourselves May we speak up for injustice and hate May we meet the challenge to be our best selves May we do unto others as we would have done unto us.

May it be so…


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