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Day 1 - Daily Sharing of: Gratitude, Concern, Prayer/Inspiration

My mission is to help celebrate, weave, midwife life's experiences. During this time, I've decided to post daily: Gratitude Concern Prayer

Today, (Day 1 of California Bay Area Shelter in Place)

Gratitude - for two neighbor friends I texted about walking; since they each have dogs. It was wonderful to get their text back to meet them and tour the neighborhood with a 10 month old Black Lab and a 12 year old something that looks like a 5 pound piglet.

Concern - for my children and many like them... staying at their campus with this unknown new normal. Trying to complete Finals this week admidst stress of how to stay safe, how to get groceries with the craziness, and how to stay in community.

Prayer - As I heard of a lead medical official's death in Italy, I pray for those on the front lines of this unknown virus; helping others in the midst of putting themselves at risk. May you feel a loving surround of support, love and admiration... and strength, to follow your calling at this time. Much respect... May it be so!


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